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Champagne Jam Cocktail

This is a very basic Champagne cocktail jazzed up with a dollop of our divine preserves. Feel free to put your own signature spin on our version.


1/4 bottle of Champagne
2 shots of vodka
3 Tbls. White Church Inf. 6 (or your choice of preserves)
1/2 shot of fresh lemon juice
strawberries and lemon slices (optional) for garnish

1. Add vodka, preserves, and lemon juice to a glass pitcher.

2. Add ice to the pitcher and stir until well combined

3. Add the Champagne, stir gently, and pour into coupes or Champagne glasses

4. Garnish if desired with strawberries and lemon slices

5. Cheers!!

Small Batch, Locally Made in Historic Lisbon, Ohio

At the White Church Company we pride ourselves in making the ordinary extraordinary... for the love of travel, food and fun and the constant quest to create unique experiences. We looks forward to the many adventures ahead!



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